Goodbye 2014

I ended 2014 with working an 8-hour shift and spending the rest of the night counting down its end with family and friends. At this moment, I am lying down on my bed and even though my body is ready to rest, my mind is unable to keep its peace until I write this blog post.

The beginning of 2014 was quite unwelcoming and too many tears were shed for quite a while. Even if it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing from the climax of ‘tragedy’, I recovered. That is the word of my year exactly, ‘recovery’. Returning home to family and attempting to re-adjust to which once was familiarity was most difficult. Old ways of living alone in Vancouver had to be forgotten and trying to get accustomed to rules again did not come easy. I refused to make friends because I rebuilt my barrier from trust. I found my old self again: hidden behind books, strumming strings or passing hours in front of the computer screen. I admit I wasn’t exactly happy, but I was at the very least, no longer in tears.

If there were things I learned from 2014, it was finding my weaknesses:

1) It’s not wrong to be kind, but do not let people forget you’re human too.

2) Be honest with your emotions, but carry it out with control and poise.

3) Do not fall in love so easily. Neither should you wait for it.

4) Stop assuming. Stop expecting.

It has been years since I’ve made myself a New Year’s Resolution. My sisters have called me ‘hipster’ for not doing so, and despite this title, I stand my ground. I believe that change comes in increments. The introduction of a new year should not be exclusive to the beginning of change or establishment of goals. We are given our whole lives to constantly learn and make changes therefore, take it day by day.

Even though it’s officially 2015, I am only ready now to say goodbye to 2014. It was a year of emotions and lessons and for all, I’m grateful for. It has brought me closer to finding myself and figuring out what I strive to become. I am beyond thankful for everything and everyone in my life. Cheers to a new one!

A plus tard et avec l’amour!