Plaid is Rad

Ok, so that title is for the purpose of rhyming because to be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with plaid. And the explanation as to why is for another time.

It has been ~a year when I last wore this jacket, which is probably a good estimation as I found my long, ‘lost’ debit card inside one of the pockets. This also means that winter has come. Sadly. The temperature dropping to -21°C (minus the windchill) explains how everyone, including myself, are waddling like penguins. Perhaps skates would have been a better choice over rain boots.


Since plaid is usually colourful and is a busy pattern, it can be tricky to work with. The easiest solution would be to pair it with basics. If you require more colour outside black, incorporate accessories that are of the same colour from the plaid.

DSC03807 DSC03774

And mischievous Raiza strikes….
DSC037621) Plaid Coat: ZARA (similar here) | 2) Pants: Makers Of True Originals (similar here) | 3) Rain Boots: Mel | 4) Bowler Hat: Minimum

A plus tard et avec l’amour!

Calgarian Raincouver Ready

Waking up to heavy clouds this morning made me happy! It gave me good reason to dress up in almost all waterproof. As a former Vancouverite, I am still well-equipped for a dance in the rain: clad in raincoat, a waterproof wristlet and rubber boots. Though my bestest friends are well aware that these boots are cursed because everytime I wear them, it doesn’t rain. It held up to its title today.

Since I wanted the raincoat to be the main point of interest for its cool vibrancy and built-in cinching waistbelt, I paired it with light, cigarette jeans. Though a little more pop of colour from the addition of this functional wristlet should ease this outfit from ordinary.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs I very much adore the cute bow detail on these rainboots, I decided to cuff my jeans. Now, it even looks like I have a new pair of denim!


1) Blue Raincoat: Tulle (Gifted) | 2) Cigarette Jeans: GAP (similar here) | 3) Wristlet: Coach (Gifted) (similar here) | 4) Rainboots: Mel

A plus tard et avec l’amour!