Paula Cademartori

NYFW is going on and to think I was just there a week too early makes me want to cry. Though who am I to stand among the best of fashion people, clad in all designer? But I wish I was still there to awe in all its glory.

One of the forecasted style trends is Paula Cademartori Handbags based on my favourite fashion blog, Fashionista. Hearing about this brand for the first time, I visited the site and fell in love! The handbags are beautifully executed in both craft and designs.


(Picture taken from their site)

This Sylvie from their PRE FW 14/15 collection is my absolute favourite! The mix in textures of embroidery and quilted with gold hardware that contrast with the softness of pale blue fits perfectly into my style. The price tag may be heavy on the wallet, but this is a designer bag worth saving up for. Paula Cademartori is now one of my favourite brands!

A plus tard et avec l’amour!


Making Geeky Pretty

Admit it, we all have that geeky t-shirt in the closet itching to be worn. But that doesn’t mean you should stick to high waisted mom jeans and overworn sneakers to pair it with. For a share on my dose of geek, I wore this Minecraft Periodic Table tee with confidence. As a former gamer and Chemistry undergraduate (now in for a change in degree), this was perfect for me!

The predominantly masculine vibe of the shirt (without surprise since I got this from the boy’s clothing department) needed a little juxtaposition from the women’s department. I paired it with a soft, flirty skirt and oxfords that have ribbon laces. To finish it all off, an oxblood pair of socks with the all black outfit is my idea of welcoming fall.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIsn’t this tee awesome!? Look, they have Nether! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES1) Minecraft Periodic Table Tee: Kohl’s | 2) Skirt: Gifted | 3) Leather Oxfords: Arnold Churgin | 4) Socks: UNIQLO

A plus tard et avec l’amour!

The Art of Fashion

Since forever, I have always been attentive of fashion, though not to the extent of its history and artistry. I suppose that while I was growing up, the element of fashion that I most enjoyed was the business itself and how I, as a consumer, interacted with it. Trying to express and find my identity through clothing and being up-to-date with trends was what I focused heavily on in my teenage years. To this day, I still enjoy the component of styling in fashion, but have recently begun to appreciate beyond that: from history to artistry.

I am a huge advocate of aiming to break the misconception that fashion is overpriced vanity. Fashion is more than that: it is art, have always been and should continue to be. From hours spent on beading and embroidery, to meticulously choosing between fabrics and colours that fit its client perfectly to exude confidence and expression, is art. Many may not appreciate haute couture, but I have utmost respect for haute couture designers for their artistry, skills and individuality.

With this said, I hope more people see fashion as art and more designers treat it same. Even though fashion is also a business, it should not mean that a designer label should be enough justification for its price. A cotton tee costing 20 times its fabric price because it has a designer label attached, is reason why the misconception of fashion as overpriced vanity still lingers.

Reading through my daily dose of Bloglovin’, I came across Fashionista’s post about Bill Cunningham’s opinion of the fashion industry and with utmost respect, was nodding in agreement to his every word, most especially about the Red Carpet! I greatly urge you to read it!

The fashion industry should just move on from high school for acting like a popularity contest. I hope it recovers from ‘wanting more money’ and ‘finding the most popular celebrities for our campaign’ syndromes and instead, focus on re-establishing the artistry of the industry. Though to those fashion houses and designers that keep the name of fashion reputable with their artistry, I have utmost respect for!

A plus tard et avec l’amour!