Day 5: It is law, the mall is closed

Happy Sunday!~

This morning, we went to church, Holy Rosary. It has the same name as the one I used to attend in Vancouver, making me miss my former home even more! The interior was gorgeous with its baby blue and pink paint, pillars of marble and stained glass windows. Although it saddened me a little when I realized that the congregation size was only ~20 people.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter, we drove for 30 minutes to Westfield Mall, only to find out that they are closed on Sundays. So we searched for the nearest alternative and it too was closed. With a little research, my sister found out that in that particular county, it was law for the malls to be closed on Sundays. Really quite odd!


For an additional 30 minutes, we drove to another mall and ate lunch at Legal Seafood. The food was amazing! For appetizer, we ordered their Trio Calamari: three different seasonings of classic, Thai and Southern. It was perfectly cooked and the batter was well seasoned. As for my main course, I had the Curried Shrimp with pineapple and peanuts served with jasmine rice. It was scrumptious! If one were to splurge on food, I would highly recommend seafood restaurants because the seafood is fresh and the menu is unique.

Onto dinner, we returned for our last trip to Jollibee. I wish they would open a franchise in Canada, more specifically, in Alberta!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The mall we visited today was quite a classy one. Most stores were designer brands and department stores. Before coming to the States, I knew I wanted to splurge on one item. As a fan of Marc Jacobs, I intended to buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body to add to my collection. However, I’m not particularly fond of their new line. My second choice was a Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C., but I did not want to buy it immediately without considering other options. Finding out that there was a Miu Miu in the mall, I dragged my sisters along to check it out. Miu Miu is very rare anywhere, most especially in Canada, that I had to pay a visit. It’s a pity I forgot to take a photo of the interior because the store was very posh and elegant! I did not intend to buy anything there but when I saw their wall of edgy sunglasses, I had to try them on. From dreaming of owning one while I was trying them on, to surprisingly finding myself convinced in purchasing one led me to my first high-end designer piece! My sisters and I all had a different pair of preference but in the end, I chose my choice. I absolutely adore them and with my life, I will protect them forever! I will surely write about them once I have the chance to.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA plus tard et avec l’amour!


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